THE POINT OF TEARS...what does that mean? What IS the point of tears? it sounds overtly dramatic or just kind of sad... doesn't it? Yes and no.

When thinking of what to name my website – one that would be dedicated to all of my artistic pursuits – I had a really difficult time coming up with something. And I have never been particularly talented at choosing titles, so I was kind of stuck. It even delayed the actual creation of the website.

But then, my favorite quote popped into my head (as it often does):

Live to the point of tears by Albert Camus

This quote, which I still need to find out exactly where it comes from, has a very special meaning for me. At some point I even contemplated the idea of tattooing the quote somewhere on my body, but whenever I told people about it, they would say that it sounded too depressing.

And it might be, depressing that is, since we usually associate tears with sadness. But that is not always the case. Haven't you ever cried from happiness? Out of frustration? Maybe even excitement? 

If you haven't, then I am sorry to say that you may not actually be living, just merely surviving. I know it sounds clichéd, but to me, this quote is about living like each moment might be your last, living passionately and courageously. Feeling is what makes us human, and we shouldn’t be afraid of feeling, of being vulnerable.

All of those who know me, know that I am a cry baby. I cry over everything. Once, I saw a puppy falling from a couch and I literally cried - you think I am joking... I'm really not. And for the longest, I thought that being so in touch with my feelings was a weakness.

But tears don't equal weakness. I know that I am strong and that I can endure any obstacle that I am presented with. I am not afraid to be vulnerable and to express my feelings. I have been told, twice now, that my ability to pour my heart out and to be vulnerable was refreshing characteristics, and that it made me beautiful and courageous.

My sophomore year, my acting professor made us watch Brene Brown's TedTalk on "The Power of Vulnerability." It changed my outlook on what it meant to be courageous, and what it meant to be vulnerable, and most importantly, what it meant to be an artist.

And so I decided to name my website The Point of Tears because… what is the point of tears? What is the point of crying? There really isn't one. Crying does not achieve anything. It doesn't fix your problems, it doesn’t help you move forward. But haven't you ever felt a thousand times lighter after a good cry? Haven’t you ever been moved to tears by a work of art? Haven’t you ever cried because your body didn't know how to react any other way?

Crying is important. Being vulnerable is important. And it does not make you weak.

I have decided to wear my heart of my sleeve because as an artist, I believe that the only way for me to create is to be completely honest and open. So I think it is very befitting to name my website, which will be dedicated to my art, after this notion that we need to live to the point of tears.